Eat Well

Lockdown, not Chowdown.

We’re all doing it, buying enough food for a teenagers slumber party, eating stuff that “we may not get to eat again in a long time”.

But this is when more than ever, we all need to Eat Well.

You’re locked down for days, take some time and cook a slow meal – herb infused, flavour overloaded, mind tingling meal. This is when you take your time and make that soup your grandma used to make that took her 5 hours every Saturday while you were off playing the streets with your pals, or that slow cooked chicken stew that your mama would make and bring to you in boarding school. Take your time, savour the food.

And then in-between when you get bored of eating leftover groundnut soup for days, take a look at our salad range, request some freshly baked bread rolls to be delivered to you or just take a quick drive to us to pick up kerbside.

Plan your weeks meals, even if you have the luxury of having a home chef, plan your meals ahead – balance them out properly and do not hoard or waste food.

Fear is extremely contagious and leads to unnecessary panic. You do not need 10 cans of corned beef in your house.

But you do need to Eat well, sensible portions, go for a walk in your yard, and take your vitamins.

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