When life gives you lemons…

Its a tough time for any business.

But we have put out thinking caps on figuring out how to keep business alive.

this post from one of our clients just sums it all up… Happy Reading

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Accra, Ghana

I have a thing for @mangoandwheat’s whole-wheat pies. Great for a snack and often my pick for a quick lunch when I haven’t had time to sit down for one.
With everything going on, I found myself craving these pies and have been super impressed with the measures @mangoandwheat have taken to not only adapt to the current situation and offer safe delivery solutions for their products but also just getting on with the program and offering DIY cookie and cake kits!
I was surprised with two cookie kits for my girls when my pies arrived and the girls were so excited to try them out.
They arrived with instructions and even traced out baking paper to mark the spots they should place their cookies on the tray.
The cookie dough stores in the fridge for 2 days or in the freezer for 2 months. Each kit costs 65 Cedis and makes 18 tablespoon cookies. Flavours are sprinkles, double chocolate chip and regular choc chip.
Super easy and best of all? They tasted so good! My girls barely waited for them to cool down out of the oven before scoffing them down with a cup of cold milk.
They also have cake kits available – glazed vanilla/chocolate loaf kit (45 Cedis) and a 6 inch cake kit with frosting for 110 Cedis. ❤️
Great for adults and kids alike, and now is a better time than any to just stay home and bake!


  • MinAi on Apr 4, 2020, Reply

    Seriously admire you for your strength and adaptability to this incredibly challenging time. ❤️

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